Quality and Environmental Policy


Quality and Environmental Policy


- To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System,
- To increase customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers,
- To continuously improve our system by analyzing processes and inter-process relationships,
- To increase our Service Quality,
- To increase our competitive power by providing cost and efficiency with continuous improvement,
- Adopting education as a constant condition for quality assurance,
- Developing mutually beneficial supplier relations,
- To ensure that necessary measures are taken and responsibilities are fulfilled in occupational health, work safety and environmental issues,
- All of its employees; Being an organization that I call my workplace, where participation in the Quality Management System is at every level of the workplace, people trust and does not compromise on quality in any way,
It is the quality policy of Sancaktar Metal.


- To meet or even exceed the relevant environmental legislation requirements.
- To comply with the requirements of the environmental management system and to work to continuously improve it.
- To minimize the waste arising from our activities, to prevent pollution at its source and to reduce its negative effects on the environment.
- To establish and disseminate the working principles that all activities will be carried out in a safe and effective manner, the health and safety of people will be protected, the environment and natural structure will be preserved,
- To raise awareness of our personnel in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals and to spread this awareness to all around us with effective training.
It is the environmental policy of Sancaktar Metal.

Our environmental commitments within the scope of our environmental policy;
- To prevent air and water pollution, leakage and noise as much as possible.
- Reducing packaging use and waste and focusing on recycling
- To develop methods of protecting natural resources such as energy and water.
- To keep the environmental factors related to the processes and activities used in production under control and to minimize their effects.
- To improve continuously, to prevent environmental pollution and to act in accordance with all kinds of legal regulations that we are subject to.

This policy, committed and implemented by Sancaktar Metal, will be announced to all our employees and also to all persons working on behalf of our company, and is open to public and third parties.


- By accepting our employees as one of our family, to employ and protect all our employees with the same sensitivity and under better conditions.
- To provide continuous improvement with the participation and training of our employees and to serve in confidence with our employees,
- To provide a working environment where the potential hazards that our employees may be exposed to are defined, periodically reviewed and evaluated, and their compliance with the relevant standards, laws and regulations is checked and documented.